Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

Ravi Shanghavi is a professional in project management and computing from Ottawa, Canada.

Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa’s professional background…

Ravi CartoonRavi works and lives in Ottawa, Canada, where he specializes in computing, IT and project management; alongside being President of Antilia Homes. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa has been hired by various international companies such as HP and Nokia, in highly-respected positions such as Executive Support Analyst and Line Manager. In his professional career, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa has gained a great deal of experience within his field of work, and has worked on a very broad range of projects. For example, Ravi has been involved in creating systems that can manage over 30,000 requests per day – planning, managing and overseeing the entire project himself – an impressive feat.

Alongside his busy work schedule, Ravi has found time to study at the Edinburgh Business School. At this institution he is currently studying for a business qualification, which he will add to his already-exhaustive list of certification and qualification. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa has gained many qualifications through his years of experience, and picked up multiple qualifications at Microsoft, for example.

Despite all of this, Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa still makes time for one of his favourite hobbies – blogging! Ravi has built a myriad of blogs, such as his car blog, tech blog and even his food blog. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa’s series of blogs and sites are ever-expanding, so stay tuned to the Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa updates blog here!



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