Ravi’s Ottawa tip: Piggy Market’s Jamaican patties

The Piggy Market is one of Ottawa’s best delis and craft butchers, located in the Westboro village neighbourhood.

I personally love their Jamaican Patties, which include beef, curry and sometimes callaloo when the season’s right.

They’re located on 400 Winston Avenue, in the Westboro Village area of Ottawa. Be sure to check them out when your belly rumbles!


Ravi Shanghavi

Piggy Market Ottawa Photo of Jamaican Patties

Ravi Shanghavi: President of Antilia Homes, Ottawa

Extensive project management experience and local knowledge come together to make Ravi Shanghavi an excellent President of Antilia Homes: a luxury custom homes builder in Ottawa.

Exterior photo of Antilia Homes' Dominion Avenue

Exterior photo of Antilia Homes’ Dominion Avenue.

Since the last update, Antilia Homes has been moving forward at a great rate. The team have sold our first phase of properties, and are preleasing these stunning luxury rentals on Ravenhill Avenue, in trendy Westboro Village.

We’ve also put forward a rewarding investment proposal, which allows investors to profit from turnkey, purpose-built rental developments in well-located areas of Ottawa. This ensures predictable returns for stakeholders.

With his years of project management experience, Ravi Shanghavi is in a fine position to lead Antilia Homes forward. Further to this, Ravi’s local knowledge – as a long-term Ottawa resident – gives Antilia the edge in finding and securing the best locations for new-build custom homes.

Find out more about Antilia Homes here.

Thanks for reading,

– Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa (August, 2017)


Life Updates

It’s been a while since I checked in here.

I’ve been very busy over at Antilia Homes, the property development and management company I am President of. We’ve completed a four-unit development on Carleton Avenue in Westboro, Ottawa, and are beginning on Phase 2 in the same location. We are also moving forward with developments on Ravenhill Avenue and Dominion Avenue.

Check out our projects on our website here.

Carleton interior

Dominion Plans

All the best,

Ravi Shanghavi

Windows 8 Install

Ok so I quickly threw on the new developer version of Windows 8 onto my IBM x41 Tablet. Now to clarify, tablet as in old school tablet. Ie. Laptop with swivel screen. Not the new slate style tablets, circa your iPad etc.

So Windows 8 installed just fine, detected even the biometric reader on the IBM. This unit has 1.5gb of RAM and W8 still isn’t that zippy. I guess this is reason enough to upgrade.. Grin. The layout seems novel yes, but it’s also much more difficult to get simple tasks done.. add a user.. log off. change the volume. I’m only a hour in… but I’m already missing Windows 7.
Welps so I wonder who else in Ottawa has done and install..

Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

Next Version of Android Could Be “Jelly Bean,” May or May Not Steal “Game Changing” Stuff From Ice Cream Sandwich

How does the name “Jelly Bean” sound as the next version of Android?  According to a report from the This is my next crew, that’s the direction the Android team is leaning as of right now.  Their original source told them that the name had been decided on, but have received additional word suggesting that […]

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Yamaha YAS-101 walks into a soundbar, orders a stiff glass of 7.1

What can you get for $300 these days? A bunch of stuff, probably, including the latest soundbar from Yamaha. The YAS-101 Front Surround System offers up 7.1 sound, a built-on 60-watt subwoofer and support for Dolby Digital and DTS. The UniVolume feature, meanwhile, helps maintain a constant level through loud volume increases during commercials. IR codes can also be sent through the speaker bar, so you don’t have to worry about it blocking the set. Check out some press info after the break.

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Scout Observer replaces military SATCOM, is powered by the iPhone 4

If you need to channel your inner MacGyver, there’s a tool for that… predictably, it’s powered by your smartphone. By connecting an iPhone 4 to the Scout Observer’s Toolkit, it’s transformed into a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multimeter and Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB). In English, that means the device lets you locate and verify satellite signals (including other mobile signals), measure their strength, and determine GPS location (amongst other things). The six-pound device replaces the standard 160-pound SATCOM terminal, making it the perfect accessory for covert operations — if those are the kinds of romps you prefer on the weekend. The company is now accepting pre-orders for shipment sometime in Q4, and hopes to roll out versions for other phones in the near future.

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