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Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa – About

Ravi Shanghavi enjoys blogging about carstech and food, but he also has other interests and areas of expertise which are outlined here…

Ravi is President of Antilia Homes, an Ottawa-based property development and management company. Antilia Homes specialise in creating custom luxury homes in the Ottawa region, and also offer turnkey investment and project management services.

Ravi Shanghavi of Ottawa is also a seasoned expert in computing. He has been hired by multinational technology businesses like Hewlett-Packard, where he has demonstrated his excellence in fields such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing and IT Architecture.

Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa, has received an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, adding to his collection of certification, which includes a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer qualification from the global giant, and a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

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 – Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa



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