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WooThemes Original Premium News Test 2

So here we are, you can see that this is what I was describing.  The posts appear on the side, and the small thumbnails linking to ALL the posts appears above.  Not just the featured section.  In the initial page loadup the screen flashes briefly with the two most recent posts with a banner for ‘Featured’ .   I’d be nice for these to stay.  This is what I tried to make static the last time I edited the options page.. but of course the theme broke and never would go back to how it is now.  I even deleted the theme directory and reinstall it.  So it’s obvious there are some ”settings” being either written outside of the theme directory, or into the database.  There’s documentation or support for the free theme.  I’ll pay when the new 2.0 theme comes out this week.  I sorely hope it’s put together better.


-Ravi Shanghavi

WordPress Themes

I’m picky.  Very picky.  And I’ve been looking for some time now for a proper set of themes to implement on www.ravishanghavi.com and www.cheapindianguy.com .  The only theme I’ve been totally smitten with is the Original Premium News theme by WooThemes.  The issue is.  It breaks as soon as you attempt to edit the settings in the options panel.  If you leave it alone, the featured section somewhat works, and there appears a tag cloud from your most popular posts.   Anyhow,  I’ve contacted sales as I wished to purchase two other themes, the Gazette and perhaps Fresh News.   They advised me to wait as a 2.0 update to the Original Premium News theme is slated for last week this week.   So in the mean time I’ve just dropped this WP onto the www.ravishanghavi.ca domain to test if I can recreate the glitch.  As if two blogs breaking weren’t enough.


Beau’s Beer, real Canadian Beer

A quick pre-post to the full post I’ll be making on www.ravishanghavi.com.  I’ve recently enjoyed Beau’s beer a number of times.  Initially at my good friend Henrik’s place during the Pig Roast and Kegger, and most recently via one of these stunning bottles via the LCBO.   I’d been told that the beer was very fresh, and I just slotted that away into.. As fresh as orange juice.. you know the three months fresh.   Until I saw the label at the LCBO, it said brewed August 12th.  The date was August 14th!!!   Having only ever had fresher beer once in Klon, Germany.   I was sold.   I felt a little pricey at $7.50 for a 750ml bottle.  But given the looks of the bottle you’re most certainly paying handsomely for it.  Given this stuff is almost brewed locally I’m definitely sold as a fan.  Good stuff guys!

– Ravi Shanghavi